One of the greatest faults of sports fans everywhere is to limit one’s scope to modernity. As champion after champion is crowned, legend after legend is lost to obscurity. Though their accomplishments remain, covered in dust, their feats are doomed to be forgotten as newcomers break records and set their own milestones.

I marveled as a child at the fact that my father, off the top of his head, could name the World Series champion and runner-up for every season in the 20th century and beyond. Though I strayed a bit with my preference for professional basketball, I believe it would be more appropriate to revisit each season and championship so as to familiarize myself with legendary players often overlooked.

My journey through the annals of NBA history will start in 1980; I am, of course, a Lakers fan at heart. I will re-watch every game available online of the NBA Finals from 1980-2014, and then I will travel backwards from 1979 to see how much of NBA history is available. There is no doubt that I will return empty-handed for certain seasons, but existing statistics and box scores will allow me to submit a write-up.

After all this is said and done, I should have 67 separate posts for each championship series. And I will wait in earnest for each successive championship to come.


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